Bosonic is a product development company helping businesses bring great products to life

Whether you are launching a new product or service, need machine learning, want to create a website or app, we can help your business develop it. Bosonic offer services covering the full cycle of a product's lifespan, from ideation to launch and beyond.

Custom Software Develoment

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Test Automatisation & QA

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Our team

We are a team of experienced engineers and product leaders with backgrounds from known tech startups and some of Europe's largest online companies. Together we share a great passion for tech and the work we do, bringing great products to life.

Julian Duniec

Gunnar Vilson

Magnus von Wachenfeldt

Johan Baer

Mattias Hosio

Kim Sevandersson


Experimentation and iteration over planning

Autonomy over hierarchy

Few over many

Pragmatism over perfection

Continuous self improvement

Partners & Ventures

Nectarine Health

Bosonic Labs

Simulator game built in Rust

Follow our journey as we explore Rust for game development by implementing a colony-building style simulator game.

Evolving competitive word puzzle gaming

A simple, fast, and very competitive multiplayer word game in real-time. Now available on App Store.

Time to get shifty!

Hone your bitwise operator skills with our simple (and very difficult) puzzle game.